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AS9100 Injection Molding - 650 Ton Press

Our process technicians are experienced with processing a wide range of materials including everything from industry standard resins to a multitude of engineered resins. Our customer's molds are routinely serviced and maintained by our mold technicians as a standard service. This routine service reduces future down time and increases production efficiency.

Most of our Van Dorn HT series mold presses are equipped with state of the art Pathfinder 5000 Control Units allowing velocity profiling, SPC charting, and other advanced processing capabilities. Our injection mold machines range from 75 to 650 tons of clamping force.

Trenton Plastics has added elastomer transfer molding as well as desiccant compression molding services. Our compression and transfer mold machines range from 90 to 150 tons of clamping force. We maintain stringent environmental control for material storage for our elastomer and desiccant operations.